Welcome to the official Webpage of „Vienna Showevents“.

We have our headquarter in the centre of Vienna & we are covering a broad range of services in photography, studio rents, event management & shows of our artists starting from musicians to belly dance, girlstrip, menstrip, duoshows and much more.
We invite you to have a look at the broad spectrum of our creative works and hope you enjoy it.

At “REFERENZEN” you find some of the projects we or some of our Artists took part in.
EVENTFOTOS is the section of our webpage where we show you photos from events we visited.
At NEWS / TERMINE we announce events lying ahead.
PRIVATE FOTOSERIE gives you information about a private photo shooting in our professionally equipped studio, incl. Make-up artist, hairdresser etc.
FOTOSTUDIOMIETE shows you some photos of our studio which you also can rent for own productions, hobby photographers are also welcome.
FOTOSTUDIO MOBIL shows you that we are very flexible & we can be booked also for events to make photos in professional circumstances by bringing our full equipment incl, flashes, background etc & also printing out photos directly ( at the request of the client in different formats).
The other links on our website like VIDEOS, LINKS, KONTAKT & IMPRESSUM are anyway in an international language & explaining themselves.
As we are a Vienna based organisation our main language is German but our team is international oriented and you can feel free to send requests also in English, be sure we will understand you & answer in your language.
We are looking forward to hear from you & would be glad to welcome you in personal.
We also would like to invite you to visit our following web pages :
www.modelfactory.at: here we present our models & artists.
www.erotikfoto.cc: here we show you our erotic photos including a big member area.

With best regards,